Welcome to Thielen Meat of Little Falls, Minnesota

Thielen Meats of Little Falls is a full service meat market. You actually get a real live knowledgeable service person to wait on you, give you cooking instructions, food safety advice, storage tips and more.

They provide a full line of quality beef, pork, chicken, seafood and poultry. Their large variety of sausages, cold cuts, smoked bacons and more are all fresh made and smoked right there in their clean modern sausage kitchen. Their entire staff is dedicated to giving their customers the best service possible, to go along with their quality products.

In addition to their fine quality meats, they also carry an extensive line of specialty seasonings, sauces and marinades to compliment their meats. On top of that they also carry several convenience groceries, including farm fresh milk, eggs and an assortment of organic products for you to choose from.

Linda has also added a small gift section that includes several soy candle lines, incense, natural soaps and bath salts, skin care and even some quality supplements. They strive to carry unique and sometimes hard to find products that everyone will enjoy.



Thielen Meats of Little Falls

300 13th St., N.E.,

Sunday July 26th

Saturday August 1st





We sell Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil and also Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil.

Reminder!...24 hour pick up available!!!


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Thielen Meats of Little Falls

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